Jo has been simply amazing in supporting me in working towards my goals. I initially started with Jo on a one-to-one basis for Pilates to help with an ongoing back problem that was left untreated.The results have been astounding and I cannot thank her enough for the changes she has made to my everyday living, I am pain free and so much stronger.

Jo’s passion, enthusiasm and ability to motivate are infectious. If someone had told me that within four months from starting out I would be doing BootCamps twice a week, running twice a week and Pilates I would never have believed them! Thank you Jo……  Ness Newton

What ever our level of fitness and however large our group gets (valley boot camp) , Jo finds the time to treat us all as individuals. Come and meet a really friendly bunch of un-intimidating people in beautiful surroundings and get fit at the same time! Fellow Boot camper 🙂 )  Darren Belton

If someone had said to me a year ago that I would look forward to getting up in the freezing cold and dark to exercise in the middle of a field I would have though they were mad. That, however, is exactly what happens. Jo makes it tough, challenging, fun and very rewarding. I have achieved things I never thought I would be able to do with her encouragement and feel fitter and stronger than I have for a very long time. Thank you Jo.  Kimberly Cheshire

I’ve tried to get fit in the past in all the normal ways, but until I met Jo it never really took me beyond a certain point. Jo knows what each of us can achieve and sets individual goals to ensure we reach our true potential.  Paulo Serveechay