I’ve been inspired to write this by my Bootcampers this morning!

During our regular 6:15am class it became VERY apparent that there was a distinct lack of energy in the group. These are all highly motivated, dedicated individuals so it wasn’t just laziness……..something was amiss!
After the 3rd ‘penalty’ for poor performance – aka daring to stop mid exercise, I questioned them about their food intake that morning and the night before. It turned out hardly any of them had had breakfast and a couple of them had not even had dinner!
The great mystery of poor performance was solved……..their bodies were starving!!

We would not expect a car to run without petrol so why do we expect our hard-working bodies to run without regular, quality nutrition?
If we starve ourselves, we will lose ‘weight’. Losing ‘weight’ equals losing fat AND muscle, but muscle is every dieters best friend! Lean muscle mass requires 3 times the amount of energy to exist than fat, boosting your metabolism, strengthening the skeleton and creating a toned, lean body!
If we continue to starve ourselves or eat very infrequently then our bodies switch to survival/starvation mode and have a good old munch on some of that REALLY great lean muscle mass stuff! Consequently our daily calorific requirements take a nose dive and we have to either eat even less to lose ‘weight’ or eat the same meagre calories and put ON ‘weight’!

There are some occasions when training in a fasted state are beneficial BUT not as a frequent practice and definitely not before a high intensity session(but that’s a whole new Blog!)

Sooooooo if you want a lean, strong, toned, healthy body……….. BREAK THE FAST AND EAT BREAKFAST !!