Want to achieve? Then get a goal!

The 1st question I ask my clients is ‘what is your goal?’
If they don’t have one and it is simply…..’to get fitter’, ‘lose weight’, ‘tone up’, I know that they are not going to be as successful at achieving this ambition as they potentially could be.

The power of a goal is incredible. By fixing an exact date/distance/weight in ones mind it focuses the mind and gives you a ‘finishing line’, ‘goal post’ to aim for. We can all stay focused, disciplined and determined for a short period of time and give 100% commitment to the cause.
When there is no fixed goal we simply drift along and it is VERY easy to lose motivation and sight of what you are actually aiming for, thereby NOT sticking to the diet or Trainng routine as planned. It is often then that we question why we are not improving/losing weight as fast as we would like and ultimately completely lose interest and give up!

The satisfaction in achieving your goal, both physically and mentally is immense. It is often the case that this 1 achievement then drives you on to set another goal and another success follows…….you have now achieved FAR more than you had ever expected or hoped!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Whether it is to lose a specific amount of weight for a family Wedding, to get into a pair of jeans you haven’t worn for years, to run a 10km race or even a Marathon…………You will surprise yourself at how much you can actually achieve!