This weekend saw the completion of Milestone-Fitness’ inaugural ‘Valley Challenge’ Charity Run Race. It was a gruelling but rewarding 8 mile run through our local villages taking in 3 of the most beastly hills our stunning countryside has to offer. (The views at the top of these hills were well worth the enormous effort!)

As a Personal Trainer I strongly believe in the power of training towards a fitness goal (see previous blog) and I wanted to create a goal for my many clients that would motivate and inspire them to push that extra bit harder. Plus on a personal note, it was an opportunity for me to give something back to the wonderful community that has welcomed me so warmly in the last 6 months.

My Boot Campers and Personal Training clients eagerly signed up and had been training for the race for the last 12 weeks – attending Boot Camps and following running plans. The event gave them a specific goal- whether it was to complete it in a personal best time or just to complete it, THEY ALL HAD A GOAL! It made getting out of bed for a 6:15am class or attending a PT session at the end of a long day that little bit easier- they had a personal goal and they all wanted to achieve it. Fitness for them had just transcended ‘exercise’ and had become specific.

WITHOUT EXCEPTION every single one of my clients exceeded any personal expectations they had. They ALL achieved personal bests. This was absolutely as a result of focused determination and drive towards a specific goal.

I am soooooo proud of each and every one of them, they have all reaffirmed my belief that if you want to achieve…………..GET A GOAL!

Now for the next goal…………………